Sectional Sofas vs. Separate Living Room Sets for Apartments: The Pros and Cons

Is a sectional right for your apartment? Or would a separated sofa and loveseat combo make more sense for your home? The answer depends on many factors, with your personal preference being the main one. Here are a few pros and cons of each to help you decide what’s best for you.

Sectional Furniture

  • They’re ideal for smaller spaces, as the arms of separate sofas and loveseats take up space that usually isn’t used.
  • They offer a more cohesive appearance in the room.
  • The living room may appear cozier, more comfortable, and more inviting.
  • A basic sectional provides the same number of spots as a sofa and loveseat combined.
  • Although they are made with a certain number of spots, they can typically fit more people than that, comfortably.
  • If you choose U-shaped sectionals, you will have eight seats: two on each of the three sides plus two connecting spots.
  • The middle/connection section can be uncomfortable, although it still allows for seating.
  • Unless it’s a sectional that can be separated, it can be difficult to move if you relocate.

Sofa and Loveseat

  • Sofas and loveseats have a more elegant, polished appearance.
  • While the arms may take up space, the arms can enhance the comfort level.
  • Sofas and loveseats are easier to move when you need to vacuum under and behind them.
  • If you’re one who likes to rearrange your furniture to give your living room a new look every now and then, separate pieces may make more sense.
  • You may have more design options, such as being able to place more end tables in your living room. The end tables may be more accessible as well.
  • Separate pieces can make a small room look larger.
  • They will take up more space in your living room.
  • If you’re looking for a casual design in your living room, separate pieces may look too formal.
As for pricing, we really can’t say which option would be more ideal – because a variety of factors may affect the cost of each. Some of the many factors that may affect the difference in cost between a sectional and sofa/loveseat combo include:
  • The material (leather, fabric)
  • Modern technology that’s incorporated (charging stations for phones, audio devices)
  • Reclining options
  • Any chaises or footrests that may be included
  • The size
  • The brand
Ultimately, the decision will depend on your preference, how you typically use your living room, and the amount of space you have. Whatever you choose, we hope your living room looks amazing and provides you with all the comforts and conveniences you’re looking for!